Bi-Sex Vampier


Special thank you to Annick ZwartBont for her research.

Opened 29 April 1978 - Closed 10 June 1978 - Teater Arena Ghent Belgium
Production Details

Book, Music & Lyrics by Richard O'Brien
Original Music and Arrangements by Richard Hartley

Translated by Hugo Heinen and Rene Solleveld

Directed by Jaak Van de Velde

Design by Jacques Berwouts

Costume - Jacques Berwouts

Choreography - Lilly De Munter

Sound Design - Jean-Pierre Bouckaert, Raf Lenssens and Luc Vandeputte

Sound - Jean-Pierre Bouckaert, Luc Vandeputte and Jacques Veys

Frank N. Furter
Daan Van den Durpel
Carmen Jonckheere
Linda Lepomme
Marijn Devalck
Bert Van Tichelen
Wim Huys
Chris Thys
Paul Codde
Eddie/Dr. Scott
Jakob Beks

Backing - Nancy Dee

Music by

HATCH (Tony Boast, Raf Lenssens, Walter Stes and David Warwick)

Jacky Eddyn (saxophone)


Teatre Arena was registered in 1971 and ceased in 1986 due to financial difficulties. The staff joined the Koninklijk Ballet van Vlaanderen to form the musical department.

Arena was a medium-sized theater in Ghent (Ooievaarstraat 62). Subsidized by the Government with a fixed cast. Founded in 1968. First led by Frans Roggen, later under Jacques Veys, assisted by Walter Vanderwaelmen, (playwright) and Jo Gevers (director). Theater Arena started modestly in 1971 with a documentary revue about Bertold Brecht's life. On September 24, 1975, their first full-fledged musical premiered: Preservation (Davies - The Kinks), and by 1980 their repertoire was only musicals.

Photographs by Guido De Leeuw

Top to bottom: Paul Codde and Daan Van den Durpel, Bert Van Tichelen, Carmen Jonckheere and Chris Thuys, Linda Lepomme, Jakob Beks

Theatre Exterior



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