It was a night out they were going to remember

Toowoomba Opening April 17th 1979 Arts Theatre DDIAE - Closed May 5th

Production Details

Book, Music & Lyrics by Richard O'Brien
Original Music and Arrangements by Richard Hartley

Directed by David Addenbrooke
Production Design - Jak Ballantine
Costumes - Catherine Ketton

Exec. Producer - Frederick J. Gibson
Musical Director - Tim Hood
Lighting - Col Wells & Mark Lloyd Hunt
Choreographer - Pauline Hood
Produced by DDIAE

Principal Cast
Dr. Frank-N-Furter: Greg Nunn
Janet Weiss: Cathie Cunningham
Brad Majors: Paul Hunt
Riff-Raff: David Lynch

Magenta : Tricia Bale
Usherette: Julie Tompson
Columbia: Sue Dwyer
Eddie: Robert Ketton
Dr. Scott: Mike Downey
Rocky Horror: Geoff Metcalf
The Narrator:
Peter Wear

The Band
Graham West...........Keyboard
Garth Barker .............Lead Guitar
Gary Larkin ...............Drums
Darryl Delaney ..........Bass Guitar
Inge De Koster .........Electric Violin
Mark Rowbotham ....Continuity

Programme Cover



As far as I know, this was the first authorised student production in the world, and only came to be, because the professional production staged in Brisbane in 1978 was so bad it closed early, leaving the rights un-used for the rest of the run. The head of Performing Arts at the Darling Downs Institute of Advanced Education, in Toowoomba was David Addenbrooke who had been a member of the Royal Shakespeare Company in England in the early 70s and was able to contact Richard O'Brien and ask if there was a possibility of taking over the failed run and completing it in Toowoomba as an acting excercise for the students studying drama. O'Brien agreed to the proposal, the show went ahead and was a raging success.

Photographs supplied by Greg Nunn     

Greg Nunn


  David Addenbrooke