It's The Same as The Beginning of the End!
Opening - Leicester Haymarket Theatre, August 8, 1979 - Closed Cork Ireland, December 1979


A 5 month tour of the UK., the first in Britain. Opening on Daniel Abineri's 21st birthday. The show had closed at The Kings Road Theatre and moved to The Comedy Theatre, where the two level auditorium made the catwalk impossible, and therefore major changes were made to the set, reducing it's size, and removing the scaffolding sides. A touring version of this set was used for the 1979 UK tour.

Producers: Michael White and Cameron Mackintosh
Book, Music & Lyrics by Richard O'Brien
Original Music and Arrangements by Richard Hartley
Musical direction by Mike Stanley
Directed by Julian Hope
Costumes designed by Sue Blane
Set design by Brian Thomson
Principal Cast:
Frank n Furter: Daniel Abineri
Usherette/Magenta: Claire Lewis
Janet Weiss: Amanda Redman
Brad Majors: Terence Hillyer
The Narrator: Nicholas Courtney
Riff Raff: Brett Forrest
Columbia: Dee Robillard
Rocky Horror: Gary Martin
Eddie/Dr. Scott: Ziggy Byfield
Ushers/Backing Vocals: Nicola Blackman, Martyn Boydon, Michael Kirk, Sarah Payne
The Band
Keyboards: Mike Stanley
Guitar: Ian Woolway
Bass: Nick Fisher
Drums: Colin Woolway
Sax: Gary Plumley

Gif by Annick

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