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Demo Test Pressing LP, Notes: “The Rocky Horror Show Original London Cast” Hand written on a single colour inner label sticker. Also states “Factory Sample Not For Sale”

demo label test pressing

Notes: sticker on cover states “Promotional Copy Not For Sale”


ukal 01

Notes: first general UK pressing containing the original sound mix with minor engineering flaws. Album jacket is printed on a flimsy quality cardboard stock Dennis Cowan from “The Bonzos” plays on bass.

First printed with a plain white label, then with the blue label pictured.

A second run, used heavier cardboard for the sleeve

label 1 side 2

promo usa



“US promotion campaign” released to coincide with the New York opening of The RHS at The Belasco Theatre - includes a US press release sheet and promotional LP folder. Also contains a glossy 8’ x10’ publicity photo of Tim Curry as Frank from London!


us side 1 us side 2
decca decca decca 1 decca 2
decca back



The image on the front cover has been expanded slightly to omit the catalogue number, cutting off the top part of the picture. The DECCA logo appears on the front and back cover.


cat no

ukal nz






sa side sa back sa side 1 sa side 2
uk 02 ukal back




Notes: this second release of the album was remixed to improve some minor original engineering flaws. All future releases contain this newly mastered mix.




Notes: second pressing of the newly remixed version, label is blue, with silver printing and lay-out of text has been rearranged





Notes: first Japanese release to coincide with the 1975 stage tour. Includes Japanese ‘Obi’ Strip and a fold-out photo lyric insert booklet

A white label promo edition preceded the final release. 


promo l


promo insert

Japan 01 jap 01 jap 02
1st back
jap02 jap second jap 2 a
jap second




Notes: re-release to coincide with the 1976 Japanese stage tour. Includes Japanese ‘Obi’ Strip and a fold-out photo lyric insert booklet (featuring lyrics translated completely into Japanese) Back of album jacket is also unique featuring 2 seldom seen Orig London cast photos!



1st back

Notes: 1989 re-release with original cover art. “1st Night Records” logo replaces“UK”Records on the bottom right hand corner of the album cover.

first germany first





1989 re-release with original cover art



1987 re-release featuring new black cover artwork. Stars names also added to cover with the caption “IT WAS GREAT WHEN IT ALL BEGAN” Vinyl groove etchings: Side A: “A PORKY PRIME CUT” Side 2: just the words “PORKY” & “ORLAKE” {NB: “Porky” is actually the legendary hallmark of George Peckham, a record cutter from the UK who seems to have cut masters for almost every band in Britain over the last 30 years. In the ‘60s, he was The Beatles original chief ‘Apple’ cutter and tends to leave some sort of cryptic three or four-word message, along with the phrase 'A Porky Prime Cut'. Peckham also cut the masters for some of Nell’s early singles!

dojo   white label

UK 1987 Dojo Records, DOJOLP 54 white label test pressing LP, Notes: 1987 re-release featuring new black cover artwork, features ‘proof’ uncut and unglued sleeve.

dojo new cover

Notes: 1987 re-release featuring new black cover artwork. Extremely scarce ‘mispressing’ - the album actually contains the audio recording content of The Original Sex Pistols Live (DOJOLP 45), with the labels and cover art for The Rocky Horror Show (DOJOLP 54) Matrix runout: DOJO LP -45 -A2   DOJO LP -45 -B1  along with 'max' and 'Porky Prime Cut'.

new cover
teldec germany dojo teldec 01 teldec 02




Picture Disc LP, Notes: Exclusive UK 'Record Store Day’ PICTURE DISC release - limited to only 1,000 copies. Released on April 18th, 2015.





RED vinyl LP, Notes: Second issue by UK Indie label “Not Bad Records” on “blood red vinyl”. Release limited to only 1,000 copies. Released on June 17th, 2016.

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