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Theater Pigalle - 1835 Roberto M. Ortiz, Buenos Aires -  August 1975

Say Goodbye To All Of This!

An unauthorised production, mounted at a "Music Hall" venue.

Directed by Gil Carretero

Design by Alberto Quiven

Stage Managed by Mario Mancuso

Costume - Ivonne Blake

Sound - Hector Bubini

Frank N. Furter - Frank Burguesa
Osvaldo Ale
Usherette/Magenta - Acomodadora
Linda Peretz
Janet - Sibila
Valeria Lynch
Brad - Theiro
Ricardo Pald
Rolo Puente
Sergio Villar
Anna Maria Cores
Eddie/Dr. Scott
Carlos Wibratt

Music by


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Argentina was in the midst of the "Dirty War" in 1975. Military, Government and Rebels, terrorized the population. Up to 30,000 citizens disappeared, and anything considered "subversive" was attacked.

The show opened at a cabaret style venue, without paying any rights. Apparently popular, news of it's staging reached London, but by the time letters were written complaining of it's lack of fees, the theatre was destroyed in a fire bombing.

Whether the theatre was destroyed because of the show's content, or it's illegality, is unclear.

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"Pigalle" is the name of the area in Paris, where the Moulin Rouge stands. The word is actually the name of the architect of many of the buildings.
Pigalle has come to mean Cabaret, or Music Hall, thanks to the activity once attributed to the area. Tod
ay it's a dangerous, brothel filled drug den.
The Pigalle Theatre, in Argentina, was so-called, because it was this style of "drinks and entertainment". Staging Rocky Horror, saw the end of the building, as it wasn't rebuilt

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