We Must have taken the wrong fork a few miles back

Opened 5th May 1978 Rialto Theatre West End Brisbane - Closed shortly afterwards

Book, Music & Lyrics by Richard O'Brien

Original Music and Arrangements by Richard Hartley

Directed by Bryan Nason
Production Design - Fiona Reilly
Choreography - Keith Bain

Musical Director - Ralph Tyrell
Lighting - John Hoenig
Sound - Leigh Wayper

Produced by G&M Promotions

Principal Cast:

Narrator: Brian Blain
Riff Raff: Ric Herbert
Frank: Michael McCaffrey (1953 - 2008)
Janet: Rosemary Ricketts
Brad: Chris Bell
Magenta/Usherette: Kathryn Porill
Eddie/Dr.Scott: Paul Johnstone
Columbia: Candy Raymond
Rocky: Mark Hembrow


Drums Peter Hudson
Bass Gary Broadhurst
Keyboards Peter Harvey
Guitar Kaise Steen
Saxophone Eddie Thomson
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Programme Cover

The cover has copied the printing error of the Melbourne Cast.



Brisbane had been waiting since 1974 for a local production of Rocky Horror, the film had been a sensation and the venue, The Rialto Theatre, a run down cinema in the sleazy part of town was perfect and was used again for the Reg Livermore Rocky Horror in 1984 to much greater effect. Expectations ran high in 1978 and unfortunately the show didn't deliver

The show opened well, with the Usherette delivering a good rendition of Science Fiction, unfortunately for the scene between Brad and Janet at the Wedding, the actors including a "bride and groom" stuck their heads through holes in a cartoon portrait of a Wedding group, like a sideshow photo opportuinity, this occured on the balcony behind and above the audience, making everyone turn and crane their necks missing most of the dialogue as they determined where the sound was coming from. The couple then appeared on stage to sing Damnit Janet, but the clumsiness of the direction had already created ripples of discomfort, from which the show never recovered.

The set tried to be too clever, with ramps and a guillotine for the death of Eddie, instead of making the show more interesting, the complexity detracted. The main failing of the show however was the actor who played Frank 'N' Furter, he was far too camp and instead of a corset he wore a blousey top, which ruined the effect and with his hairy legs being very distracting in fishnets.

The only stand out performance came from Mark Hembrow as Rocky. The show bombed and closed very early. Toowoomba took up the rest of the run early the following year.






From the Tracey Shannon Collection

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