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What Ever Happened To Saturday Nacht?

Opened November 1980 and closed a few weeks later

Production Details

Book, Music & Lyrics by Richard O'Brien
Original Music and Arrangements by Richard Hartley

Co-Produced by Cameron Mackintosh in association with Michael White, and AKIBA Promotions GMBH

Directed by Neil McCaul
Production Design - Brian Thompson
Costumes - Sue Blane

Principal Cast

Dr. Frank-N-Furter : Jeff Shankley
Janet : Pauline Siddle
Brad :
Philip Bretherton
Riff-Raff : Perry Bedden
Usherette/Magenta : Claire Lewis
Columbia :
Shan Stevens
Eddie/Dr. Scott : Ziggy Byfield
Rocky Horror : Gary Martin
The Narrator : Nicholas Courtney

Paula Hamilton, Tessa Wood, Martyn Boydon, Hereward Kaye




This was Germany's second production, but first OFFICIAL staging

An unauthorised version played in the city of Essen early in 1980, deviaiting greatly from the official productions, in characterisation, costuming and set, and producing an LP recording, sold at the venue.

The second staging was from London, with a British cast. A co-German/British production, it was supposed to have an exctensive run, but lack of co-operation from the German producers, saw Cameron Mackintosh pull the show after only a few weeks. Frank emerged from a black coffin in this production.




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Opened January 1980 Essen Theatre, Essen Germany

Dr. Frank-N-Furter: Decoven C. Washington
Janet Weiss: Rotrauf Rieger
Brad Majors: Detliev Greisner
Riff-Raff: Fritz Brieserheister
Magenta: Jutta Bryde
Columbia: Sue Hürzeler
Eddie: Yoyo Petit
Dr. Scott: Manfried Hilbig
Rocky Horror: Til Krabbe
Erzähler (Narrator): Siegfried Wittig
Usherette: Helmut Fülberth
Chor and Backing Vocals: Ulrike Escherbruch, Frank Malz, Dieter Schotz

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Musik & Original-Text: Richard O'Brien
Deutsche Texte: Horst Königstein
Verlag: Chappell & Co.

Das Theater der Stadt Essen zeigt Die Rocky Horror Show von Richard O'Brien
Deutsch von Horst Königstein in der Inszenierung von Walter Bockmayer

Technische Leitung (Technical Leader): Siegfried Ehrenberg
Masken und Haartrachten (Masks and Hairdressing): Günther Johannes
Technische Inspektion: Paul Dinkler
Bühnentechnik (Stage Tech): Arnold Pollmeier
Beleuchtung (Lights): Michael Niehörster/Georg Helbert
Tontechnik (Sound Tech): Hermann Dumke
Malsaal: Horst Hagenström
Schreinerei (Woodwork): Klemens Ratke
Dekorateur: Michael Abeis
Requisiten (Props): Robert Jakubetzki

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cast recording

The cast recording is part dialogue, part song, with the songs edited.

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