There's No Crime

Opened 1979 The Maseru Holiday Inn, Lesotho


Production Details


Book, Music & Lyrics by Richard O'Brien
Original Music and Arrangements by Richard Hartley

Produced by The Maseru Holiday Inn - Des and Dawn Lindberg

Directed by John Dicks from Jim Sharman's original
Production Design - Brian Thompson
Costumes - Sue Blane
Stage Director and Lighting Designer - Matthew Faint

Principal Cast

Dr. Frank-N-Furter : Derek Damon
Janet : Jessica Jones
Brad : Mike Huff (Hough)
Riff-Raff : Brian Watts
Usherette/Magenta : Sue Kiel
Columbia : Roz Monat
Eddie/Dr. Scott : Dave Nicholas
Rocky Horror : Len Cooper
The Narrator : Rod Alexander


Researched by Tony Pazuzu


Images kindly supplied by Jessica Jones


The Kingdom of Lesoto lies within South Africa, but is under it's own rule.

South Africa banned Rocky Horror, but not in Lesotho. The owners of The Maseru Holiday Inn, Des and Dawn Lindberg, had staged the original South African cast of Godspell in 1972, and continued their success with Rocky Horror.

The show used the original set designs and direction. The director John Dicks came from London, where he had played Riff Raff for a short time in 1976, as well as in the 1976 Japanese tour.

Derek Damon, also from London, had played Frank in the same London cast as well as the 1976 Japan tour.

Jessica Jones was a popular singer, who found fame at home and overseas..



Jessica Jones as Janet

Jessica Jones and Mike Huff


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