Wild and an untamed thing

Opened Oslo Nye Centralteatret- October 11th, 1977 through March 18th, 1978

Production Details

Book, Music & Lyrics by Richard O'Brien
Original Music and Arrangements by Richard Hartley

Directed by David Toguri with assistance from Brian Thomson
Production Design - Brian Thomson
Costumes - Sue Blane
Lighting by - Svein Engebretsen
Translation for the show by Johan Fillinger and Ole Paus

Principal Cast

Dr. Frank-N-Furter :Knut Husebø
Janee :Kari Ann Grønsund
Jan :Ivar Nørve
Riff-Raff :Jahn Teigen
Usherette/Magenta :Gro Anita Schønn
Columbia :Julie Ege
Eddie :Per Elvis Granberg
Dr. Scott : Egil Åsman
Rocky Horror :Zakhir Helge Linaae
The Narrator :Bjarne Bø

Chorus :Ellen Waaler, Gudny Aspaas, Else Gro Waaland, Øystein Selenius, Per Age Myrdal, Jan Teigen

The Band
Magne Amdahl : keyboards
Kalle Helgesen : guitar
Bjørn Jacobsen : bass
Jan Thoresen : saxophone
Svein Erik Gaardvik : drums
Freddy Lindquist : guitar

Programme Cover

norge prog



The play opened at the Central Theatre (a cinema) in October 1977. The program for the show quotes the former artistic director of Oslo Nye Teater, Toralv Maurstadelva: "Ever since I saw it in London for four years since I wanted to see if we could manage to make a show of it here at home." With the help of Ole Paus and Johan Fillinger texts were translated into Norwegian. Brian Thomson and David Toguri were imported to design and direct. The original costumes by Sue Blane were also used. The cast list was populated with both established actors and people from the music industry. Eddie was interpreted by Per Elvis Granberg, while Jahn Teigen and Gro Anita SCHØNN occupied roles as Riff Raff and Magenta-. Knut Husebø did an outstanding interpretation of Frank N. Furter both on stage and musically, while Ivar Nørve and Kari Ann Grønsund gave a credible Norwegian Jan (Brad) and Jane (Janet).

There were newspaper articles and debates about the decline of morals, as everywhere Rocky Horror Show had been shown. It was, however, performed a total of 129 times during the period from 11 October 1977 to 18 March 1978.
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A Strong resemblence to the Original Australian Cast

Norwegian Cast Recording

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