Opened at La Discoteca Cerebro Madrid September 12, 1974, closed July 5, 1975. Re-opened at Teatro Valle-Inclan Madrid August 4, 1975, closed January 1976

Your Lifestyle's Too Extreme!

Frank Bourgeois
Alfonso Nadal
Mayra Gómez Kemp
Sibilia Cooley
Flora Maria Álvaro
Thiero Smith
Miguel Angel Godo
Alberto Berco, later Fernando Rodríguez Madero
Ricardo Zabala
Raquel Ramirez
Pedro Mari Sanchez
Eddie/Dr. Scott
Adolofo Rodriguez


Produced By
Arturo Gonzalez
Directed By:
Gil Carretero
Translation by:
Juan Jose Plans and Roberto Estevez
Musical Director:
Teddy Bautista

Thank You Frank Albrecht for alerting me to this production, and Tony Pazuzu for the information.


Alfonso Nadal

The original venue was a nightclub, done out to appear as a cinema. The original set designs and direction were copied from London. It played 11PM nightly, and 11PM and 1AM Saturdays, to standing room only and defied the law by allowing under 21s in. After a year it took a break for 4 weeks, before reopening at a proper theatre, with an upgraded set.


Madrid program

Another unauthorised production, this time from Spain!

Under the Franco Regime, Catholicism ruled! Which of course meant corruption. The production had to play only to adults, after 11PM, as well as fines and pay-offs.
The character name changes are more to do with not using "Damn it", because of religious laws.

It was seen as a direct attack on the Regime, and created a lot of media attention. Interestingly, the fact that it had played in America was made far more negative fuss about, than its British origins. As if it was even more tainted.


Translated by Juan José Plans and Roberto Estevez, the work came to Madrid in 1974 to the party room Brain Music-Hall presented as "a sexual satirical musical" directed by Gil Carretero, with musical arrangements by "Judas in Jesus Christ Superstar" , Teddy Bautista, and starring his partner Pilate, Alfonso Nadal as crazy Frank-Burgesa. The cast consisted of Flora Maria Alvaro (Janet Weiss alias Sibilia Cooley), Miguel Angel Godo (Brad Majors alias Thiero Smith), Alberto Berco (Narrator), Pedro Mari Sanchez (Dracula and Rocky Horror), Ricardo Zabala (Ghost and riff Raff), Raquel Ramirez (Ghost and Columbia), Adolfo Rodriguez (Phantom, Eddie and Dr. Scott) and Mayra Gómez Kemp in the dual role of Magenta / Setter.


The director, Gil Carretero, travelled to Argentina after this production opened, to direct their ill-fated show.

Newspaper charicature of Alfonso Nadal


Mayra Gómez Kemp as Magenta


Alfonso Nadal

Pedro Mari Sanchez, was a pop star







Wall advert outside the nightclub.


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